Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Write a report (format should be report format)on one cultural event in Sydney related to World Literatures/foreign cultures. The event should be linked to one of the four modules: Japanese, Indonesian, Arabic, or German. 
When taking notes as you attend the event, you should focus on how the culture represented in the event is framed. For example, which aspects of the culture are emphasised? Why do you think that is? If it is an exhibition, what do the captions accompanying the works say? How is the space organised? If it is a film, who do you think is the target audience? Who is actually attending? How do you think they are experiencing the event? 
In writing the report, you should think of yourself as a reporter who is writing a column for a literary magazine or the cultural page of a newspaper. You should give a short description of the event, including information about who organized it, who is/are the speaker/s, the target audience, what were the main themes under discussion, what was your overall impression of it, and how it relates to the topic of World Literatures in Translation.
I went to the Japanese film festival, but that is really simple, just filmed a 30mins movie. I will give the picture I took for u in the additional materials.
Also, our tutor asked us to write this report relating with the module we have learnt during this semester. So I will also upload the Japanese module we learnt to you, maybe you need to have a look of the content of the module briefly, and then connect them together.
Besides, I will give u the information of the film festival, you can pick any information about that adding to the report, like you actually went to that festival. The website of the Japanese film festival will also be given you : .

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