Question And Analysis – Strategic Finance

1) Chapter 7: Questions and Exercises: 7.15 (p. 571):


7.15 Valuation of Derivatives. Financial reporting classifies derivatives as (a) speculative investments, (b) fair value hedges, or (c) cash flow hedges. However, firms revalue all derivatives to market value each period regardless of the firm’s reason for acquiring the derivatives. In addition to increasing or decreasing the derivative asset or liability, the revaluation amount either affects net income immediately or it affects other comprehensive income immediately and net income later. For each type of derivative, describe where firms report the revaluation amount on the financial statements.


2) Chapter 8: Questions and Exercises: 8.11: a (p.657):

8.11 Equity Method for Minority, Active Investments. U.S. GAAP requires firms to account for equity investments in which ownership is between 20% and 50% using the equity method. Ace Corporation owns 35% of Spear Corporation during 2014. Spear Corporation reported net income of $100.4 million for 2014 and declared and paid dividends of $25 million during the year. Support your answers with calculations.

  1. Calculate the equity income that Ace Corporation reports in 2014 related to its ownership in Spear Corporation.

3) Chapter 9: Questions and Exercises: 9.2 (p.736):


9.2 Revenue Recognition. Revenues are at the core of a firm’s ability to grow and prosper; thus, they are central to the analysis of a firm’s profitability. Although the time-of-sale method is the most common technique employed to recognize revenues, in some instances, a strong argument can be made for recognizing revenue before the product has been completed and delivered. Discuss circumstances in which this scenario is appropriate.

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